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Friday, January 17

Due to a person who seems to like posting inappropriate comments, I have disabled the comment option. Sorry to everyone out there, but this is what happens when one person stirs the pot a little too much. I am tired of having to monitor this person. It is really sad that I have had this site up for almost a year, I have worked hard to make this a fun place for everyone, but one person took it upon himself or herself to ruin it for everyone, including me. Now I have serious concerns as to whether or not the answers will continue to be posted here when the crossword comes back. Thank you to who ever you are for taking something good and turning it into a burden. I have screen shots of every comment with your IP addresses and have notified your company.

To everyone else, please feel free to send Kerstin, Only1qb and I Neomessages as needed. The crossword is still down. image
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