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Comments by: YACCS

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Saturday, January 17

1. map
4. mrc
7. one
9. hularoo
10. trove
11. mystic
13. orb
15. halloween

2. punch
3. growl
5. bruce
6. cotton
8. nova
12. tumble
14. sea

3. itchy
5. sss
6. two
7. splash
10. hiding
12. lair
13. jasmine

1. says
2. chia
4. moogi
5. shovelfish
8. laugh
9. ski
11. Dave
14. egg

thank you msbrandyrose13 for posting these for us.

And I wanted to say a BIG thank you to all those who come here daily for being so patient while the CW was down. ( well for the most part *wink wink nudge nudge* ) ... Please when posting comments - Just remember we do this because we like to not because we have to. So when something like this does happens and it will from time to time, keep the comment section free of the nastys or you will be banned. We just do not need the Hate. That is not what this is about, and that is not why we do it.

Peaceful wishes to all....
Dor, Tina, and last but never least Kerstin.

I know every time the Cross Word goes down we all start getting a bit unsettled, it starts slow, and when it has been down this many days we are to the point the shakes have taken over, our heart is pounding each time we are in the cloud city, we are trying hard not to yank out our hair or that of our pets. They are hiding from the grooming brushes each time we get back home from a trip to see if the Cross Word is back online yet.
But there is another way to look at it. The programmers are taking alil down time to bring us something new and fabulous to the game, (that or they are all in the islands taking a small vacation and we are just fools) ok no really they are working on new improved ways for us to beef up our bank accounts while having fun doing it.
But in the mean time please try another game in the game room, it is packed full of great things to do, who knows you may find another favorite. I know I have found many I love to play, each time the CW goes down I find a ton of new and exciting things to do around Neopia, and you should too.

This is just a thought. Wishing you all a grand Neopian day.

From the shadows,
Dor image
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