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Saturday, August 10

3. poogle
5. hularoo
6. lupe
7. skills
8. glant
10. flouds
11. warf
13. grundo
14. hunt

1. growl
2. boil
4. thestuff
8. gon
9. fungus
12. red

Thank you Jolene for posting today's answers in the comments. Sorry I am a little late today in posting. It is busy, busy around here today.

Friday, August 9

3. jampastry
7. snowager
8. red
9. cloud
10. tech
13. ticklegum
14. chiaclown

1. bat
2. applejuice
4. thor
5. fishpop
6. box
10. thuggo
11. six
12. ski

Once again thank you only1qb for posting today's answers in the comments.

Thursday, August 8

1. cofl
2. big
3. soupfaerie
5. pango
7. bat
10. lair
11. spotted
12. ntv
13. plusshroom

1. chia
2. bloop
4. stfp
6. gold
8. victim
9. ltd

Thank you only1qb for posting today's answers in the comments.

Wednesday, August 7

1. card
3. apple
5. mync
7. ntv
8. almost
10. fish
11. edna
12. well
13. kitchen
15. moogi

2. ram
4. pants
6. croissant
9. keblin
14. egg

Thank you only1qb for posting today's answers in the comments.

As many of you know, snowflakechick2001 periodically helps us out here by posting the crossword answers in the comments. I just wanted you all to know that she has a pet in this week’s beauty contest. So if you haven't voted for a Lupe yet, please click here and vote if you like the picture and help out someone who has helped us out in the past.

As it turns out, booboomoon's brother also has a Lupe in the beauty contest too. Click here to see his entry and vote for the one you like best.

Thank you both for helping us out so much!

Thanks for looking and voting if that is what you decide to do!

Tuesday, August 6

1. kate
4. acara
6. five
9. gon
10. flap
12. password
13. battle
14. leak

2. tsrc
3. ntv
5. contest
7. egg
8. sea
11. puddle
12. pork

Thank you spanxter for posting the answers for today in the comments.

Monday, August 5

4. flash
6. morphing
8. card
10. scorch
11. eyrie
12. orb
13. neo
14. ltd

1. lupes
2. slap
3. crunch
5. golden
7. grarrl
9. adee
10. sea

Thank you only1qb for posting today's answers in the comments.

Sunday, August 4

2. ski
3. leap
4. war
6. bluenegg
7. block
8. six
9. shankly
11. hook
12. uber

1. blt
2. space
4. wheelie
5. cleo
7. black
10. kau

Thank you only1qb for posting today's answers in the comments of yesterday.

I just want to remind you all, that I am not around until the afternoons on Sunday's, if you don't see the answers posted, check the comments, we have some great people who visit this site and have been very good about posting the answers for us all to use and share. Thank you to everyone who helps out. image
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