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Saturday, September 13

2. tsrc
4. croissant
7. toy
8. set
10. neo
11. blt
12. usul
14. koi

1. glasses
3. comics
5. royal
6. tent
9. eyrie
11. bad
13. six

Friday, September 12

3. leak
4. turkey
8. evil
10. bott
11. kiko
13. dark
15. cup

1. ugly
2. neopoll
5. rainbow
7. jetsam
9. yippee
12. ice
14. kau

Thank you Hunter for posting today's answers in the comments!

Thursday, September 11

3. smile
5. brucechee
8. gym
10. pants
13. totem
15. jasmine

1. ice
2. kau
4. mrc
6. ram
7. cup
9. yoga
11. studded
12. delight
14. karma

Thank you dolphin787058 for posting today's answers in the comments.

Wednesday, September 10

2. jojo
4. roll
7. guild
8. trove
9. kalora
11. crunchy
14. neopian

1. moogi
2. jar
3. kingroo
5. levelup
6. splash
10. art
12. yipp
13. kau

Thank you dolphin787058 for posting today's crossword answers in the comments. Too bad you had to make a pest of yourself and I had to ban your IP from posting comments. Yes I know it was you, and you have been banned from posting in the comments again. If you have a problem with that you can contact me.

My apologies to everyone who had to put up with that nonsense, it was all done by one person.

Tuesday, September 9

6. one
7. kau
8. cleo
9. strochal
11. well
12. lab
15. magicberry

1. funky
2. spoon
3. green
4. supersub
5. plushies
10. flame
13. jck
14. cry

*thanks to Secret who got to the board a few minutes before I got this posted and put them in the comments*

Monday, September 8

3. mync
7. art
8. sea
9. Neo
10. stonedome
12. tag
13. splash
14. koi

1. gym
2. faerie
4. yeoldeship
5. flash
6. bloop
9. neotrak
11. lava

Thank you Secret for posting today's answers in the comments!

Sunday, September 7

4. mrc
5. bob
6. mint
8. eyrie
9. grubwich
10. eesa
11. eel
12. genie
14. kick

1. scorcheski
2. water
3. yolkbeans
7. nigel
13. ski
14. koi

From Monday September 8 to Friday September 12 I won't be able to post the answers until much later. Maybe someone could post them in the comments again? image
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