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Lexfa's list of clues and answers

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Saturday, March 13

3. bbq
5. six
7. gun
8. tikutaku
9. nanka
10. gothic
13. evil

1. ryshu
2. box
4. bite
6. bounce
7. gon
11. onions
12. huggy
14. veggie

Thanks meowz for posting the answers. I'm back now, just couldn't get blogger to publish. ;)

Friday, March 12

4. bounce
5. red
7. boil
8. jimmyjames
11. booster
14. burgers

1. gold
2. moogi
3. jar
6. eyrie
7. bomatoge
9. sea
10. ntv
12. rose
13. cry

Thank you meowz for posting today's answers in the comments.

Thursday, March 11

3. whip
5. chickaroo
6. gone
7. silver
9. tent
10. adee
12. sushi
14. ice
15. kingroo

1. tsrc
2. chia
4. firestare
8. rose
11. eyrie
13. yipp

Thanks to dolphin787058 and tea4_2 for posting the answers!! :) Only one more day... ;)

Wednesday, March 10

4. fish
5. valkyrie
6. cofl
10. bazaar
11. spoon
13. kate
14. die

1. tsrc
2. evil
3. ski
7. funky
8. radishdog
9. braintree
10. bott
12. one

Thank you to dolphin787058, tea4_2 and Suzette for posting the answers in the comments!! :)


I'm getting lots of questions lately on how I do the answers. I can only say again that I know most of them now since they repeat quite often. Those I don't know I look up either on Neopets or a help site. If you're looking for game hints and such why not start a search in

I just typed in Faerie Crossword and the first link that showed up was this site. LOL The second link was the actual FC on Neopets. Further down I found a link that said Faerie Crossword Answers. It's one of the sites that has all (or at least most) of the answers listed in alphabetical order. See? It's quite easy to find help sites. ;)

Also I'll be working the next 3 days. Wednesday - Friday. Would someone be so kind and post the answers to the comments, please? :)

Tuesday, March 9

2. supersize
4. meatless
7. cho
8. ice
9. scream
11. eyrie
12. growl
14. orb

1. psychic
3. plantmelon
5. ltd
6. ski
10. six
12. gone
13. one

Since so many asked... I do not get up at 3 in the morning. I live in Germany. The crossword updates at 9 in the morning for me so I do get enough sleep. Also the answers repeat quite often so after a while you don't need any help. But there are also websites that have all the known answers in a long list.

Monday, March 8

2. mync
4. jam
5. nox
6. blt
8. orb
9. park
10. ice
11. war
12. keblin
14. bbq

1. bentfork
3. cookie
4. jub
7. harris
13. bob

Sunday, March 7

2. apple
4. blast
6. two
8. catapult
9. stomp
11. six
13. index
14. block
15. irisita

1. gothic
3. profiles
5. mustard
7. coco
10. pikis
12. ice image
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