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Lexfa's list of clues and answers

Comments by: YACCS

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Saturday, April 17

4. nanka
7. cho
8. cheat
9. four
10. levitate
12. itchy
14. roll

1. achyfi
2. ski
3. proto
5. astrovilla
6. one
8. chia
11. twin
13. cup

Friday, April 16

2. warf
4. six
5. ltd
6. chia
8. tsrc
9. plurby
10. kikolake
12. goldmirror
15. ntv

1. minty
3. flap
7. mrplaid
11. furrn
13. lair
14. mint

Thank you to dolphin787058 for posting the answers!!! :D

Thursday, April 15

4. fisheggs
7. battledeck
11. yipp
13. wild
14. duck
15. haiku

1. fish
2. big
3. lightofday
5. oak
6. flouds
8. cry
9. lint
10. ice
12. peck

Thank you to meowz and byter73 for posting the answers!! :D

Wednesday, April 14

3. lavaghoul
5. tag
8. sourmelon
9. ugly
12. bar
13. iron
14. art

1. cleo
2. egg
4. valkyrie
6. growl
7. korbat
10. genie
11. yoga
13. ice

Thank you to byter73 for posting the answers in the comments!! :)

*note from Doreen to KERSTIN *giggles* SORRY about spelling hun.. was a type fast get in and out of account day.
I was suffering from a brain fade day, either from the chronic pain syndrome or from the old age *LOL*.... you pick ... anyhow.... Just wanted to say sorry for the misunderstanding.

I meant gone as in .. (posting late ) for Work reasons for few days ... NOT gone as in left us.

My apologies if it sounded wrong I did not mean it that way. My BAD!!


Tuesday, April 13

3. fleapit
4. glant
6. boom
7. lupurus
11. bubbles
14. nova

1. stfp
2. meadows
5. tikutaku
8. uni
9. orb
10. cho
11. bat
12. bbq
13. eel

thank you to all who posted in the comments. I will try and get here early to cover for kerstin while she is gone for a few days but that is middle of night for me so no promises .. If I am up I will get them on at 3 ish if not as early as possible.

*smiles* and again thanks for all you help to us.

Kerstin here *mutters* work a couple of days and everyone thinks your're gone. pfffft! ;)

I'm not gone. Just working. ;) I polished this post a bit and fixed the spelling of my name up there. ;P Thanks for posting the answers Doreen and all the people who posted in the comments!! :D

Monday, April 12

2. bbq
3. eel
7. ubikiberry
8. one
9. seek
11. gem
12. hog
13. pack

1. orb
2. bluenegg
4. wild
5. neodeck
6. eyrie
10. yipp
14. cry

I'll be working the next 4 days. And since Tina is on vacation the answers will be posted as soon as I get home. Maybe some kind sould can post them to the comments?

Sunday, April 11

4. crunch
5. duck
7. lupes
9. lab
10. ski
11. donations
14. lupe
15. negg

1. one
2. shake
3. bubbles
6. maid
8. petpet
12. nine
13. tag image
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