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Lexfa's list of clues and answers

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Saturday, June 5

2. scabu
4. lime
7. tent
8. lair
9. orb
10. spoon
11. frank
13. big
14. gym

1. koi
3. cotton
5. milk
6. pipper
12. negg
13. bob

Reallyconfused did pretty good in the Beauty Contest. :D Thanks to everyone who voted! Here is the message Stoneman3x put in his lookup:

Woo hoo! Big thanks to everyone who voted for my Meerca, Reallyconfused, in the Beauty Contest! He not only won the species category, he came in SECOND PLACE OVERALL! *tosses confetti*

Friday, June 4

5. clamchops
7. ice
8. big
10. bad
11. die
12. nox
14. tent

1. space
2. jojo
3. says
4. ram
6. puddle
9. gon
10. box
13. one

Thank you Tokinisha for being wonderful this week and posting the answers in the comments!

Thursday, June 3

3. whip
5. scabu
6. quench
10. plantcake
12. noil
13. redtail

1. dive
2. fish
4. jab
7. critter
8. roar
9. feet
11. lair
14. edna
15. tpp

Once again, Thank you Tokinisha for posting today's answers in the comments!

Wednesday, June 2

3. flap
4. moogi
5. zoom
6. leak
8. negg
10. bonsaichia
12. feast
13. roar

1. two
2. dom
3. five
5. zannik
7. kick
9. gun
11. aisha

Thank you Tokinisha for posting today's answers in the comments.

Tuesday, June 1

3. cry
4. warf
6. space
7. block
8. eyrie
9. jar
11. one
13. trove
14. haiku

1. boy
3. caption
5. firejug
10. mrc
12. evil

Thank you Tokinisha for posting today's answers in the comments.

Monday, May 31

4. kate
6. maid
8. spyder
10. squash
13. ski
14. orangetti

1. mysterious
2. yolkbeans
3. funky
5. lair
7. dust
9. eesa
11. boy
12. ltd
13. six

For the next four days the answers will be late. I'll be at work when the Faerie Crossword updates. If someone feels like posting the answers to the comments go for it. ;) I'll put them up as soon as I get home (if Tina or Doreen don't beat me to it). Oh and don't forget to collect your Happy Meal prize. :D

Sunday, May 30

5. leap
7. kora
9. red
10. ntv
11. bazaar
14. poogle
15. hunt

1. eppa
2. cockroach
3. lair
4. gold
6. puzzle
8. art
12. jojo
13. one image
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