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Lexfa's list of clues and answers

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Saturday, June 4

3. scarycave
5. cleo
7. pack
9. uni
10. two
11. warf
13. megagun

1. leak
2. cry
4. chiaclown
6. eating
8. bar
12. fish
14. egg
15. goo

Friday, June 3

2. ring
4. jab
5. one
7. kora
10. compass
11. cho
13. grow
14. ice

1. orb
3. goldmirror
6. dachoo
8. face
9. usul
12. twin
13. gun

Thank you to byter73 and nacnuDsuperb for posting the answers to the comments!! At the same time no less. hehe ;)

Thursday, June 2

2. hop
3. coco
5. genie
6. compass
11. bbbb
13. nox
14. ice

1. common
2. hog
4. mika
7. orb
8. paper
9. split
10. one
12. bar

Thanks to evilspygal and all the others pointing out that little spelling error. But I do wish people would read the comments before adding their own. ;)

Check the comments if the answers for the new day aren't up.

Wednesday, June 1

2. poogle
5. usul
6. two
8. break
9. cards
10. art
13. meatballs

1. bonsaichia
3. asparagus
4. war
7. wild
8. bed
11. jam
12. uber
14. egg

Thank you to Lin and the person who didn't sign their post for posting the answers to the comments!!

Check the comments if the answers for the new day aren't up.

Wednesday, June 1

The Faerie Crossword is down again. Are they doing that every month now?

Thanks for trying nacnuDsuperb and byter73!! :)

Check the comments for updates.

Tuesday, May 31

4. leap
5. usul
6. fish
8. split
10. aavl
12. pen
13. one
14. cloud
15. cho

1. kau
2. warf
3. gurplebush
7. splash
9. tackle
11. tech

Thank you to byter73 for posting the answers in the comments.

Check the comments if the answers for the new day aren't up.

Monday, May 30

2. two
3. leak
6. halloween
8. goo
9. uni
11. gun
12. kougra
14. noil

1. cookie
4. negg
5. floud
6. hot
7. egg
10. iron
13. grow

Thanks for posting the answers to the comments, evilspygal!! :)

Check the comments if the answers for the new day aren't up.

Sunday, May 29

4. tpp
5. cola
8. evil
9. password
11. hularoo
14. nova
15. roll

1. glasses
2. studded
3. scarf
6. strawhat
7. ixi
10. lava
12. usul
13. one

For the next 5 days (Monday to Friday) I won't be around when the Faerie Crossword Puzzle updates due to work stuff. Maybe someone could post the answers to the comments. I'll be back home about 4 hours after that and update the site. Thanks! :) image
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